Publications of Eduardo D. Sontag jointly with A. Rendall
Articles in journal or book chapters
  1. A. Rendall and E. D. Sontag. Multiple steady states and the form of response functions to antigen in a model for the initiation of T cell activation. Royal Society Open Science, 4:170821-, 2017. [PDF] Keyword(s): kinetic proofreading, T cells, immunology, systems biology.
    This paper analizes a model for the initial stage of T cell activation. The state variables in the model are the concentrations of phosphorylation states of the T cell receptor complex and the phosphatase SHP-1 in the cell. It is shown that these quantities cannot approach zero, and that there is more than one positive steady state for certain values of the parameters; in addition, damped oscillations are possible. It is also shown that the chemical concentration which represents the degree of activation of the cell, represented by the maximally phosphorylated form of the T cell receptor complex, is in general a non-monotone function of the activating signal. In particular there are cases where there is a value of the dissociation constant of the ligand from the receptor which produces an optimal activation of the T cell. In this way the results of certain simulations in the literature have been confirmed rigorously and new features are discovered.



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