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  1. D. Angeli, M.W. Hirsch, and E.D. Sontag. Attractors in coherent systems of differential equations. J. of Differential Equations, 246:3058-3076, 2009. [PDF] Keyword(s): monotone systems, positive feedback systems.
    Attractors of cooperative dynamical systems are particularly simple; for example, a nontrivial periodic orbit cannot be an attractor. This paper provides characterizations of attractors for the wider class of systems defined by the property that all directed feedback loops are positive. Several new results for cooperative systems are obtained in the process.

  2. E.D. Sontag, A. Veliz-Cuba, R. Laubenbacher, and A.S. Jarrah. The effect of negative feedback loops on the dynamics of Boolean networks. Biophysical Journal, 95:518-526, 2008. [PDF] Keyword(s): monotone systems, positive feedback systems, Boolean networks, limit cycles.
    Feedback loops play an important role in determining the dynamics of biological networks. In order to study the role of negative feedback loops, this paper introduces the notion of "distance to positive feedback (PF-distance)" which in essence captures the number of "independent" negative feedback loops in the network, a property inherent in the network topology. Through a computational study using Boolean networks it is shown that PF-distance has a strong influence on network dynamics and correlates very well with the number and length of limit cycles in the phase space of the network. To be precise, it is shown that, as the number of independent negative feedback loops increases, the number (length) of limit cycles tends to decrease (increase). These conclusions are consistent with the fact that certain natural biological networks exhibit generally regular behavior and have fewer negative feedback loops than randomized networks with the same numbers of nodes and connectivity.



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