Publications of Eduardo D. Sontag jointly with Y. Qiao
Articles in journal or book chapters
  1. E.D. Sontag and Y. Qiao. Further results on controllability of recurrent neural networks. Systems Control Lett., 36(2):121-129, 1999. [PDF] Keyword(s): machine learning, controllability, recurrent neural networks, neural networks.
    This paper studies controllability properties of recurrent neural networks. The new contributions are: (1) an extension of the result in "Complete controllability of continuous-time recurrent neural networks" to a slightly different model, where inputs appear in an affine form, (2) a formulation and proof of a necessary and sufficient condition, in terms of local-local controllability, and (3) a complete analysis of the 2-dimensional case for which the hypotheses made in previous work do not apply.

Conference articles
  1. E.D. Sontag and Y. Qiao. Remarks on controllability of recurrent neural networks. In Proc. IEEE Conf. Decision and Control, Tampa, Dec. 1998, IEEE Publications, 1998, pages 501-506, 1998. Keyword(s): machine learning, neural networks, recurrent neural networks.



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