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  1. E.D. Sontag. Further facts about input to state stabilization. IEEE Trans. Automat. Control, 35(4):473-476, 1990. [PDF] Keyword(s): input to state stability, ISS, stabilization.
    Previous results about input to state stabilizability are shown to hold even for systems which are not linear in controls, provided that a more general type of feedback be allowed. Applications to certain stabilization problems and coprime factorizations, as well as comparisons to other results on input to state stability, are also briefly discussed.d local minima may occur, if the data are not separable and sigmoids are used.

  2. E.D. Sontag. Smooth stabilization implies coprime factorization. IEEE Trans. Automat. Control, 34(4):435-443, 1989. [PDF] Keyword(s): input to state stability, ISS, input to state stability.
    This paper shows that coprime right factorizations exist for the input to state mapping of a continuous time nonlinear system provided that the smooth feedback stabilization problem be solvable for this system. In particular, it follows that feedback linearizable systems admit such factorizations. In order to establish the result a Lyapunov-theoretic definition is proposed for bounded input bounded output stability. The main technical fact proved relates the notion of stabilizability studied in the state space nonlinear control literature to a notion of stability under bounded control perturbations analogous to those studied in operator theoretic approaches to systems; it states that smooth stabilization implies smooth input-to-state stabilization. (Note: This is the original ISS paper, but the ISS results have been much improved in later papers. The material on coprime factorizations is still of interest, but the 89 CDC paper has some improvements and should be read too.)

  3. E.D. Sontag and Y. Yamamoto. On the existence of approximately coprime factorizations for retarded systems. Systems Control Lett., 13(1):53-58, 1989. [PDF] [doi:] Keyword(s): delay-differential systems.
    This note establishes a result linking algebraically coprime factorizations of transfer matrices of delay systems to approximately coprime factorizations in the sense of distributions. The latter have been employed by the second author in the study of function-space controllability for such systems.

  4. P.P. Khargonekar and E.D. Sontag. On the relation between stable matrix fraction factorizations and regulable realizations of linear systems over rings. IEEE Trans. Automat. Control, 27(3):627-638, 1982. [PDF] Keyword(s): systems over rings.
    Various types of transfer matrix factorizations are of interest when designing regulators for generalized types of linear systems (delay differential. 2-D, and families of systems). This paper studies the existence of stable and of stable proper factorizations, in the context of the thery of systems over rings. Factorability is related to stabilizability and detectability properties of realizations of the transfer matrix. The original formulas for coprime factorizations (which are valid, in particular, over the field of reals) were given in this paper.

Conference articles
  1. E.D. Sontag. Stabilizability, i/o stability, and coprime factorizations. In Proc. IEEE Conf. Decision and Control, Austin, Dec. 1988, pages 457-458, 1988. Keyword(s): input to state stability, coprime factorizations, stabilization.



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