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  1. M. Sadeghi, M.A. Al-Radhawi, M. Margaliot, and E.D. Sontag. No switching policy is optimal for a positive linear system with a bottleneck entrance. IEEE Control Systems Letters, 3:889-894, 2019. Note: (Also in Proc. 2019 IEEE Conf. Decision and Control.). [PDF] Keyword(s): entrainment, switched systems, RFM, ribosome flow model, traffic systems, nonlinear systems, nonlinear control.
    We consider a nonlinear SISO system that is a cascade of a scalar "bottleneck entrance" with a stable positive linear system. In response to any periodic inflow, all solutions converge to a unique periodic solution with the same period. We study the problem of maximizing the averaged throughput via controlled switching. We compare two strategies: 1) switching between a high and low value, and 2 ~using a constant inflow equal to the prescribed mean value. We show that no possible switching policy can outperform a constant inflow rate, though it can approach it asymptotically. We describe several potential applications of this problem in traffic systems, ribosome flow models, and scheduling at security checks.

  2. D. Angeli, P. de Leenheer, and E.D. Sontag. Chemical networks with inflows and outflows: A positive linear differential inclusions approach. Biotechnology Progress, 25:632-642, 2009. [PDF] Keyword(s): biochemical networks, fluxes, differential inclusions, positive systems, Petri nets, persistence, switched systems.
    Certain mass-action kinetics models of biochemical reaction networks, although described by nonlinear differential equations, may be partially viewed as state-dependent linear time-varying systems, which in turn may be modeled by convex compact valued positive linear differential inclusions. A result is provided on asymptotic stability of such inclusions, and applied to biochemical reaction networks with inflows and outflows. Included is also a characterization of exponential stability of general homogeneous switched systems

  3. J.P. Hespanha, D. Liberzon, D. Angeli, and E.D. Sontag. Nonlinear norm-observability notions and stability of switched systems. IEEE Trans. Automat. Control, 50(2):154-168, 2005. [PDF] Keyword(s): observability, input to state stability, observability, invariance principle.
    This paper proposes several definitions of observability for nonlinear systems and explores relationships among them. These observability properties involve the existence of a bound on the norm of the state in terms of the norms of the output and the input on some time interval. A Lyapunov-like sufficient condition for observability is also obtained. As an application, we prove several variants of LaSalle's stability theorem for switched nonlinear systems. These results are demonstrated to be useful for control design in the presence of switching as well as for developing stability results of Popov type for switched feedback systems.

  4. J. L. Mancilla-Aguilar, R. Garcža, E.D. Sontag, and Y. Wang. On the representation of switched systems with inputs by perturbed control systems. Nonlinear Anal., 60(6):1111-1150, 2005. [PDF]
    This paper provides representations of switched systems described by controlled differential inclusions, in terms of perturbed control systems. The control systems have dynamics given by differential equations, and their inputs consist of the original controls together with disturbances that evolve in compact sets; their sets of maximal trajectories contain, as a dense subset, the set of maximal trajectories of the original system. Several applications to control theory, dealing with properties of stability with respect to inputs and of detectability, are derived as a consequence of the representation theorem.

  5. J. L. Mancilla-Aguilar, R. Garcža, E.D. Sontag, and Y. Wang. Uniform stability properties of switched systems with switchings governed by digraphs. Nonlinear Anal., 63(3):472-490, 2005. [PDF]
    This paper develops characterizations of various uniform stability properties of switched systems described by differential inclusions, and whose switchings are governed by a digraph. These characterizations are given in terms of stability properties of the system with restricted switchings and also in terms of Lyapunov functions.

Conference articles
  1. J.L. Mancilla-Aguilar, R. Garcža, E.D. Sontag, and Y. Wang. Representation of switched systems by perturbed control systems. In Proc. IEEE Conf. Decision and Control, Paradise Island, Bahamas, Dec. 2004, IEEE Publications, pages 3259-3264, 2004.

  2. J.P. Hespanha, D. Liberzon, and E.D. Sontag. Nonlinear observability and an invariance principle for switched systems. In Proc. IEEE Conf. Decision and Control, Las Vegas, Dec. 2002, IEEE Publications, pages 4300-4305, 2002. [PDF] Keyword(s): observability.



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